When you started crossdressing you likely did what most of us do and tried on some panties in your sisters or mothers draw. It was a guilty pleasure and you, like most of us, probably felt terrible about it. Later you tried some panties you’d bought, and eventually you begin putting together a small collection of clothes.

As you progress of course this feels more comfortable. The collection grows, and some is bought opportunistically when you get the time, and other parts are bought specifically because you like the look. Most of the time what you probably do is buy single items and enjoy them as and when they appear.

As you progress along this path though, I’d like you to think about how some of the women you admire look. They have a specific style of their own. They often follow a pattern of clothing. Mandy always wear scarves, and her blouse is always a complimentary color. Jeanie hardly ever wears a skirt, but the jeans she wears always look good with the cut of her jacket. In other words, they are putting together outfits, rather than just wearing individual items.

I’ve found one of the best ways to develop a wardrobe that is well co-ordinated is to use Pinterest as a tool to search out particular looks and styles. It’s a great way to research a look. I rarely buy one single item these days, instead buying combinations that really go well together. I will often steer toward a particular look and spend a season developing it. I think of the aesthetic as curated, rather than simply bought for one single look. I may buy two or three sweaters, one or two skirts, and a jacket knowing that any combination of them will look great together.

As you start to wear more co-ordinated clothes you will find that you aren’t merely ‘wearing women’s clothing’, you’re developing your own style. The more research you do, the more forethought you apply, the more this wardrobe becomes ‘you’.

Fiona Dobson

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