I was lucky enough to be out at a drag show the other night with a few friends.  There was a competition taking place, and some gloriously sculpted drag queens were doing a few sets and being judged. It was the audience that was even more fascinating to me.

Of course many crossdressers are interested in drag – there’s a natural connection.  However, While drag may be crossdressing, crossdressing isn’t necessarily drag.  For many very talented performers Drag is precisely that – a performance. It’s also a great excuse. For those who are exploring crossdressing, saying they’re ‘going out in drag’ is a catch all for going out crossdressed.  Anyone who has seen the detail and extravagance of drag makeup up close and personal, will know that that’s a very different thing to those of us using just a little subtle color to make our eyes ‘pop’. Drag eyes burst out in a projectile explosion and set fire to the scenery on stage.

All that said, at this particular event a great many members of the audience were crossdressed, and some quite amazingly. However, one thing I did notice among those crossdressers who were not well on the way to transitioning, was that they arrived in heavy unshapely coats which we definitely not feminine and detracted somewhat from their appearance. Of course, these were quickly checked, but it did get me thinking. There are a lot of crossdressers who really don’t think so far ahead and buy nice outerwear, being more focused on the naughty little sister – the underwear.

You may have picked up on that little proviso there, ‘those crossdressers not on their way to transitioning’. Many crossdressers have absolutely no desire to completely transition, myself included. However, those that do seem far more immersed in the idea and as a result do buy feminine outerwear and accessories to go with it. There really are many shades to the crossdressing experience.

So, particularly because most of the US and Canada are experiencing a cold snap, I’ve included some great coat ideas on my Pinterest. For those of you who love to stalk thrift stores, the coasts will start to be discarded in April, and buying ahead with next winter in mind is a great idea. Remember, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Showing up looking like a bag lady may not be the one intended.

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