There’s a host of times when we can’t dress the way we’d like.  However, that need not prevent you from enjoying the benefits of feeling feminine.

By using certain soaps and oils we can treat ourselves in a feminine and enjoyable manner, bringing a special feeling to our skin and a introducing a softness to our features that a more masculine approach often fails to achieve. Using a little scent can be fun, even though it may be entirely unnoticeable to others. We know it’s there, and so we feel good about ourselves.

Using a gentle scent, below the level of people being able to notice, is a wonderful thing for a crossdresser. You know it’s there. At subconscious level others are aware of it, but they don’t realise they are. Scents affect all mammals at a visceral level. You might almost think of it as a secret weapon. The secret is to be very subtle.

Moisturizing daily is also an essential part of your routine as a crossdresser. You may not feel the benefit immediately, but you will in a few years. It’s remarkable the difference between a well treated skin and that of someone who has not put in any effort.

There’s also something else at play when we use some beauty products. We may be working at a level slightly below the conscious awareness of others about us, however at some deep level we are sending a very subtle subconscious message to others that we are slightly more feminine than once we were.

I’ve been amazed by how many of my friends report that the moment they start using a light scent people react differently to them, even though the scent is virtually unnoticeable. They’ve found they attract people to them that are like themselves. And that can only be good.