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The Apartment – a Halloween ghost story.

Going back to places in our past can stir up emotions, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s the same for you. Settle down and enjoy this story, as Jeff returns to his old apartment to find more than a few old cobwebs. 🙂 Fiona

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Fitting crossdressing into a committed marriage.

Many of my crossdressing friends tell me that they feel confused and often afraid about continuing to crossdress within their marriage. In many cases they feel uncomfortable about where it may lead and guilty about these desires. There’s a struggle that takes place trying to justify the idea of dressing, and the guilt of doing […]

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Crossdressing – Keeping it in the family.

Does the family know? Do you share it? There’s a lot of questions about crossdressing, and gender fluid life that are likely to emerge. How does one handle that? Enjoy this discussion with Jules and Lenni, as they explore the subject.

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Good morning America!! #PrideBoys #ProudBoys — Dr Gráinne McEntee (@pongosapien) October 4, 2020 Yes – Loud and proud! Sometimes the most powerful thing we have is words. When some violent hate group steps forward and starts promoting hate and division (while not even wearing heels, goddammit!) it’s up to all of us to resist. […]

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The gender fluid history of the Phillipines.

In much of the world, gender is viewed as binary: man or woman, each assigned characteristics and traits designated by biological sex. But that’s not the case everywhere, says France Villarta. In a talk that’s part cultural love letter, part history lesson, he details the legacy of gender fluidity and inclusivity in his native Philippines […]

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Finding your place on the Gender Spectrum – with Lenni and Jules.

Lenni has some great advice for anyone who is judging how a crossdresser looks. If this episodes sounds like it was recorded in a field near an airport, it’s because it was.

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I often answer questions online and get to chat with interesting people in various stages of their life of crossdressing. Some are just starting out, and others have been doing this for years. Some dress sporadically and others all the time. One thing that comes across very quickly is that some visitors have never talked […]

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